10 Reasons Why Airstream Is The World’s Coolest Caravan

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Airstream’s CEO on the Pandemic and the Sales Boom

It was freezing cold outside—so the combo of classic roadfood and indoor motorhome window shopping made for a great day. Theo really liked this one. But he was shocked when I told him the price. While Theo was fascinated by the big rigs I was seduced by the glitzy, glittery glamour of the sensationally silver Airstreams. So I stepped into one. And was immediately overwhelmed by a memory from somewhere deep in my camping subconscious.

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This shoot will focus on the models and airstream! Details will be setup for a elopement inspired vibe! Please be available in case of a rain date! No refunds or exchanges. Add to Calendar. View Map View Map. Find out more about how your privacy is protected. Jun Vibes in the Airstream by oak and Pine Photography. Actions and Detail Panel.

Airstream Vent Pipe Cover

To help you rent one of these classy tin trailers, we found the best deals on Airstream rentals on the web! Click here to browse the best deals on Airstream rentals now or keep scrolling to read our tips. Note: Some of the links in this article are affiliate links. This doesn’t cost you any more than normal. Read our disclaimer for more info. Can you rent an Airstream?

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Airstream Announces Basecamp 20 and Basecamp 20X

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This is how our story began. Five years ago, I thought I would go crazy if I spent another day without a dog—and without Greg, whom I had been dating long distance for three-and-a-half years. It took me three trips to move—who knew a studio apartment could hold so much stuff? I used my GMC pickup for the move. I exhibited my thesis in an equally vintage Airstream I had remodeled for the project. I kept both the foot trailer and the pickup truck in storage in Petaluma, Calif.

It made for a nice road trip. After Greg and I settled into our little starter rental shack in Lotus, I waited until we were on friendly terms with our landlord and then approached him with my request. I stood there in shock. No dog? My dog urge was strong. But it looked as if—even though my move to the country was partly inspired by the thought of a having a pup of my own—my canine pal would have to wait.

My spirits were deflated.

How to Live Large in a Tiny House

Lerma describes the Basecamp 20 as, essentially, an expanded version of the popular Basecamp Designed with a lower profile and aerodynamics in mind, the new exterior has been refashioned to reduce wind-resistance possible. The engineers even took the liberty of rounding the front end of its aluminum body to eliminate any vacuum between car and camper.

To ensure maximum durability, the camper has been constructed from three separate pieces with an aluminum sheath stretched and riveted to structural ribs. The Basecamp 20X is intended for travelers who do more off-road driving; the differences between it and the Basecamp 20 involve its capacity to negotiate choppier terrain.

Both trailers blend functional design with an aesthetically striking look to it.

Dating from , these all-American vehicles have been carefully restored into authentically retro pads which now find themselves on a farm just outside.

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A New, Sleek Airstream Trailer

Situated near the town of Mirepoix in southern France, the Airstream Retro Trailer Park offers vintage accommodations in the foothills of the Pyrenees. The quirky trailer park is comprised of 15 aluminum trailers, most of which were all brought from the United States. Owners Perry and Coline Balfour have transformed this plot of countryside into a funky trailer park with breathtaking views.

Guests can choose from 10 Airstream trailers, dating from the ss, that have been fully restored to their former glory. Each one is furnished according to the style of the period when it was constructed, completed with detailed touches including floral curtains, retro crockery, black-and-which TVs, eight-track music systems, and a multitude of other vintage finds.

I’ve lived in an Airstream for one year. This is what I’ve learned about life, dating, and myself.

The cramped seats, the lackluster meals, the faded lounges. Nothing, they will tell you, like the bygone era of jetliners they once knew. The entire country was essentially free game, as the prosperity of the post-war years and innovations in motoring turned a formerly sedentary people vacation-prone and ready for the road. Today, relatively little of that gasoline-powered grandeur remains.

After all, few relish the idea of staying in a neglected motel or a rundown campground. But for the nostalgic, and the adventurous, there is still the Airstream. The innovations were aesthetically pleasing, but practical as well, cutting down on air resistance and improving fuel efficiency by leaps and bounds. The company boomed in the s with the creation of the Interstate Highway System, and the distinctive trailers and motor coaches continue to be made to this day—although vintage Airstreams are increasingly sought after, as symbols of a simpler time, when our roads felt as fresh and unspoiled as the nation that was building them.

Airstream hookup. Family of six lives in airstream trailer

Among the most iconic American RVs, Airstream campers are also some of the most recognizable on the road. Their unique style, aerodynamic frames as well as efficiency and comfort are considered by many to be the pinnacle of the RV lifestyle! Read on to know a little more about these vehicles and when you’re ready to check out Airstream campers for sale in Salt Lake City, contact Airstream of Utah and have a chat with one of our expert staff.

The title of the course is Tiny Homes on Wheels: Airstream Trailers. The date is April 18th (Thursday) @ pm. I’ll be bringing a trailer as well for viewing.

Adventure , Airstream , Life , Relationships. My gut response is rather defensive. I have a house. It just happens to be silver, sits on wheels, and can be transported to any desired location via my car. So, the simple answer is no, I do not miss having a house. I have one. The more complicated and, therefore, more realistic answer is yes, I miss having a house.

Campers For Sale in Salt Lake City, UT

Wonderfully retro, these truly American Airstream caravans give the Isle of Wight an irresistible kick of Stateside style. Vintage Vacations is owned and managed by Helen Cunningham. You can ask a question or make a booking request directly with Helen Cunningham. Dating from , these all-American vehicles have been carefully restored into authentically retro pads which now find themselves on a farm just outside Ryde.

A set of gleaming mid 20th-century Airstreams dotted around a field are quite a sight, and they look as good now as they did back in the day.

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Designed by Christopher C. Deam, a San Francisco architect who has been helping Airstream with its interior design for 13 years, it is still a prototype that may or may not be put into production. You would certainly want to wipe the campground mud off your shoes before walking into this trailer. The aluminum interior is sleek and shining, with a queen-size bed, a streamlined bathroom with a shower and rounded cabinets for the sink, and capsule-shaped accent windows.

And, of course, the trailer is Wi-Fi ready. They have 9-year-old twins, Cal, a son, and Macy, a daughter, and have done a bit of trailer travel themselves. Recently, Mr. Deam talked about his work. How did you get involved in trailer design? This was around It was very small, like a by box, and we were looking at really efficient uses of space. So we turned our eyes to boats and R. The house won an A.

Airstream Dreamin’

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The airstream is 11 meters in length, the largest model ever made. Dating back to the s, the hosts have restored to the rental to a high standard while.

Husband-and-wife Instagram and blogging duo John Ellis and Laura Preston thelonglongairstream have been living on the road since They share this newly renovated square-foot Airstream with two dogs, Bulleit and Marlow, plus a cat, Papa. Seven years ago, Laura Preston and John Ellis, her now husband, were living in New York City and dating casually when he asked her to join him on a yearlong road trip in an Airstream borrowed from his mom. Kind of sounds like the plot of a rom-com ready to go horribly wrong, but the couple went for it and totally fell in love with life—and each other—on the road.

The hook? Readers told them where to go next. After the novelty of ping-ponging to random, crowdsourced places wore off, John and Laura reclaimed control and started wandering where they saw fit. They decided one of those destinations would be a trip down the aisle, but first came renovating their very own Airstream and documenting the process on their latest blog, The Long, Long Airstream.

John and Laura spent roughly 14 months designing and building out a trailer tailored to their every need, which includes many double-duty pieces and smart storage solutions: A nine-foot-long desk for working side by side Laura makes quilts; John is a software engineer also holds the monitor for after-hours Netflix and chilling from the couch, and drawers built right into a wall create a compact cocktail bar.

Devil Makes Three Perform at Fender Airstream