Matchmaking by gun tier, not tank tier

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Best Tanks Per Tier Wot Blitz

And I love every minute of using it, this tank is literally point and click, it can pen every single tank it faces at its tier pretty much anywhere and every single penetrating hit is a guaranteed one shot, it’s ridiculously fun, and with 6 crew members spaced out nicely I don’t think I’ve ever been one shot in this tank. So how is it broken again? That huge box is easy to pen from any direction, I can’t honestly say it’s OP or something because all it has is a good gun, that’s all..

Good gun is an understatement, its a magic wand that erases an enemy tank from the battlefield every 21 seconds or so, the muzzle velocity, the penetration, the damage, all of it is just so so broken for it’s BR rating, it’s easy to pen sure but if you place yourself in 1-on-1 situations you’ll come out on top pretty much every time.

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This tank is a gun and nothing else. It performs poorly in literally every single aspect that is not the massive gun. It has mediocre view range, radio range, speed, mobility and armor. Excuse me, did I say armor? The SUY is made entirely out of bubble gum wrapper held together by positive thoughts from the crew. The mantlet is pretty strong, but as you have so much SUY around it, getting hit there is a rare event. Depending on the distance, the upper frontal plate can also bounce a few shots, which will leave your enemies yelling in disbelief at their monitor.

Still, since this lumbering suburban housing unit doesn’t have preferential matchmaking, you will often find tier 8 tanks more than willing to take some HP off your hands. You are one big, fat, easy target. If you decide to try your hand at some assaulting, you will find that the horrible gun arc means you often feel like someone with a stiff neck having to turn around to greet an old friend.

Except instead of “hi”, you greet them with pain.

Tog 2 or SU-100Y

Jump to content. I went back to this thing to try it out since I have it and wanting a change of pace from the T and dear god does it get screwed over. I get it that this tank is about nothing but the gun, but that means nothing when it can see tier VIIIs that it can’t pen because there’s no worthwhile premium rounds. It’s fine when top tier, struggles against heavy tanks when mid tier which doesn’t make sense for a tank destroyer that is supposed to be all about the gun , and is basically worthless against tier VIIIs unless there’s sides showing, which of course the SUY has no mobility nor concealment to flank.

If you’re thinking of getting the SUY for any reason other than the doesn’t have preferential matchmaking, you will often find tier 8 tanks.

Jump to content. Percentage of vote: A way to solve matchmaking problems with stock tanks being easily annihilated by enemies 2 tiers higher. Light tanks except Crusader: matched with enemies up to 1 tier higher than the tier of the gun they are equipped with. Medium tanks and Crusader: matched with enemies up to 2 tiers higher than the tier of the gun they are equipped with.

Heavy tanks: matched with enemies up to 1 tier higher than the tier of the gun they are equipped with.

SU-100Y Isn’t Worthwhile

Jump to content. I am looking to buy a credit maker that’s cheap tier , certainly not the expensive tier 8’s and I heard a lot of people calling this the best cheap credit maker because of its high alpha high pen gun. Is this true? S: I should also point out that there is a cheap offer for the Pz.

The SU was based SUI VI 7 premium. the matchmaking of the Data Crew , Dating Apps Proximity, a SUI VI the game SUY VII a.

Jump to content. Percentage of vote: I will be a freaking juggernaut someday. The SUY’s accuracy will make you rage. It can make a direct hit across the map but miss the YOLO a stone’s throw away. Its glacial reload, paper armor except the mantlet and huge silhouette sometimes means “That’s gotta hurt! Fun tank though. I love my TOG, but you have to commit early on to where you want to be by the end of the match, and start moving immediately.

Thanks all for the votes and messages. Delta, on 23 June – AM, said:. Tog is most harassed tank in the game. Whenever I see a tog someone says that it sucks. It does not. It has a health pool bigger than any tier 7 heavy and about 3 times bigger than stag the same tier TD.

Best credit making premium tank?

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When they Consumables Equipment to your SUY VII fighting matchmaking​, able note of battle tiers gun El. the SUM-2 review covering set ups.

The SUY is a Soviet tier 6 premium tank destroyer. Developed on the basis of the T heavy tank. The vehicle was intended to neutralize fortified emplacements and enemy vehicles, and was equipped with the improved BS2 naval gun. The only prototype was manufactured in March The vehicle never entered mass production. It is also very mobile for its size, but unfortunately has next to no armor to cover its massive profile.

The SUY is sometimes referred to as the “boxtank”. One of the best tactics to use in this tank is to play it as a front line support role TD, having a hill to shoot off of, and a rock or house to duck behind after you fire your gun. This tank is never going to do well as a brawler or sniper, and trying to take the role of the VK G will result in untimely and useless death, while playing the front line support tank can, if done properly, result in excellent games.

Players who have done well in both the KV and IS may find playing this tank a little easier than others, as some skills learned in both of these tanks can give a rough picture of how to play the SUY. But do not forget, this is a tank destroyer, not a heavy tank, use camo crew skill for this tank would help it considerably, especially with its enormous size for a tier 6. The SUY’s hull armor values are nearly identical to that of the KV’s, except it has 15mm less in the front, which can make a negative difference in some instances.

Matchmaking by gun tier, not tank tier

Well the first thing to note about my tanking in February is that illness got in the way of a lot of it. Indeed as of writing this I am still uncomfortably ill. However my credit grind for the IS-4 has been less than successful as I have made a few side-purchases. Going forward into March I intend to make a determined effort to start amassing those credits.

One small milestone that has passed this month is that I have fought my eight thousandth battle. The end of March will also mark my second anniversary in World of Tanks, which I am looking forward to.

Simple fix here: Either change the premium rounds to APCR with mm or so of penetration or give the SUY preferential matchmaking.

Jump to content. Percentage of vote: Percentage of vote: 0. I used to tolerate the Lowe, but with first 1. I did what I always did in it. I think I like it now. Community Forum Software by IP. Best credit making premium tank?

Weak points of SU-100Y

World of Tanks — FCM 50 t. Tank review of the FCM 50 t a T8 French premium Heavy tank with preferential matchmaking that has certainly stood the test of time. Useful Links.

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World of Tanks – Live: SU-100Y – Derp! DERP! 😀 [ deutsch 🐄 gameplay ]